Stem Drop 001


Q1 : What is the purpose of this campaign?
Q2 : What are the key documents that I should be aware of before sending in my video?
Q3 : When can I take part in the campaign?
Q4 : Can I take part in this campaign from anywhere around the world?
Q5 : Is this a competition?
Q6 : How old do I have to be to take part?
Q7 : I want to feature other people in my video, is this acceptable?
Q8 : What are Stems?
Q9 : Where do I access the Stems?
Q10 : Must I feature all of the stems?
Q11 : What should my video feature?
Q12 : Will TikTok (or its partners) reimburse me for any costs associated with my video (and my contribution)?
Q13 : How do I submit my video?
Q14 : Which URL do I post on the hub when I submit my video?
Q15 : Can I use headphones to record my video on the StemPlayer?
Q16 : I am sending in a video on behalf of a business, is this acceptable?
Q17 : Can I post my video and/or the stems and/or my remix on any third party websites?
Q18 : Can I send in more than one version of the remix?
Q19 : What format should my video be in?
Q20 : Can I wear branded clothing? Can I also feature other third party logos in my video?
Q21 : I am being paid to feature a product within my video, can I still send in my video?
Q22 : Can I promote my video on the TikTok Platform using in-app promotional tools?
Q23 : Can I feature landmarks / statues / stadiums in my video?
Q24 : I am a professional musician/producer, am I able to take part?
Q25 : What if I am exclusively signed to a recording, publishing or distribution agreement?
Q26 : Can I use duet and stitch on my video?
Q27 : Does my Remix need to be original?
Q28 : How long should my video be?
Q29 : Can I use music software to alter the Stems?
Q30 : Can I include my own instrumental tracks, samples, beats, loops or other original contributions to my video?
Q31 : Where do I send in my Remix?
Q32 : What if I have questions about my Remix?
Q33 : Who are your commercial partners and why might they contact me?
Q34 : Why do the Terms of Participation ask me to accept Commercial Release Terms?
Q35 : How long am I subject to the Commercial Release Terms for?
Q36 : Do I own my video and the remix?
Q37 : What can TikTok and their partners do with my video?
Q38 : Can anyone else other than TikTok and its partners use my video?
Q39 : Why do I need to set my profile on TikTok to public?
Q40 : Can I use my own lyrics or do I have to use the 'Red Lights' lyrics provided?